our house

Two 15sqm ‘Casitas’ built on skids for relocation when needed. Dining, kitchen and living spaces in front space, and mezzanine bedroom, studio, and bathroom in rear space. Cladding is natural oiled macrocarpa externally, and white poplar internally. Decking and flooring all white eucalyptus.


Mcdougall House

Split level 1 Bedroom 35sqm Studio House on piles. Colorsteel cladding with timber panelling.


Kirby Lane

Macrocarpa Shou Sugi Ban Bench seating and planters for community space in Central Nelson. Visit for more about this fantastic new space.


Lincoln County School

Collaborative Design/ Build project with students at Lincoln County School, Oregon USA. Students completed build as part of 5 different subject areas. The house was then donated to the community as transition housing for homeless single mothers with children.


The Bath House

A 6sqm Bath House made almost entirely of recycled materials. Built to enable us to live in our caravan while building our house.